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Lane Kennedy

Lane is a professional biohacker, author, hormone cure practitioner and mindset coach.  She lives in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol and finds herself drinking a lot of water.  If you're looking to take a leap, jump into faith and completely change your life, Lane is the perfect person to support your unknown, yet known vision.  She helps you to healing the body with 🔥 Deep Listening. 🦋 Quantum Consciousness. ✨

Oh, and she's also a mom of an avid reading eight year old!


Alicia Lynch

Alicia is a trained opera singer with a passion for the arts, metaphysics, the human body and mind. After 15 years working in the medical field and opening two successful business, she took a leap of faith, quit her dollar for hour job and chose to pursue more Soul feeding endeavors. These endeavors have three main criteria: creativity, freedom and maximum service to others. With her eclectic background and years of experience, she is able to creatively marry the best of these worlds to aid you in finding the vital and fulfilling life you crave. 

Jules Zoetmulder

Jules Zoetmulder is a professional life and health coach and a mother of three teens. She is an expert coach navigating challenges around energy, focus, stress, sleep, and food. Jules is a Certified Bulletproof Human Performance Coach, Intrinsic Health Coach, and an accredited life coach with the International Coaching Federation.





Despina Giannopoulou 

Despina is one of the first Certified Bulletproof Coaches. She's also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.  After 30 years spent building a high-pressure career in corporate IT for companies like Morgan Stanley, Deloitte & Ericsson, Despina decided it was time to turn her energy into nutritional therapy and coaching and help individuals traverse their wellness journeys.

Despina holds a Bachelors in Computer Science, an MBA, a Masters in Personalized Nutrition from CNELM and a clinical naturopathic nutrition diploma from CNM. 

Madeline Shraider

Madeline is an Entrepreneur who has always been interested in helping people feel better and fulfill their dreams.

Her first career was a Registered Nurse, hailing from the great state of Texas. Burnout with nursing and her Entrepreneur spirit led her to a passion for real estate, starting her own RE business.

Once she discovered Hemp Oil, she knew on a deeper level she could help others feel their best and fulfill their dreams even faster!


Aurora Casteen 

One of a kind Charlotte Hairdresser at Borealis Salon.  She is a food experimenter, fitness enthusiast, has a passion for her dog @Bonnie_blue_frenchie

She is also a proud mama!





Aubrey Thorne Carey

As a licensed acupuncturist,  Classical Feng Shui consultant, interior designer, and Master Level Evolutionary Astrologer,  Aubrey has spent the last two decades helping people live happier, healthier lives. 

Bringing together various wisdom traditions, complementary healthcare, and the metaphysical sciences,  she offers clients practical, creative, intuitive insight, working on a broad range of issues: from health concerns, to relationship and parenting questions, to creating a vibrant, healthy, retreat-like home. 


Lisa Patterson

For more than 10 years, Lisa Patterson, a credentialed fitness trainer, has been helping people of all ages to achieve their fitness goals. She assesses your individual needs and then creates a unique program based on your health status, age, and fitness level.

Using a holistic approach, Lisa emphasizes the mind/body connection in her practice. She provides nutritional guidance as well as nourishing recipes and “good fuel” suggestions to maximize fitness results. 

Michelle Cron Ketchum

In 2004 Michelle's mother was diagnosed with a rare form of Liposarcoma. That diagnosis began her physical and spiritual journey for health and well-being that has led her to where she is today.

 Michelle has spent 6 years as registered Ultrasound technologist and 20 years specializing in Geriatric and Orthopedic Physical Therapy.

She is a mother to an independent 2 year old and gifted 5 year old.

ShellI Marsh

Single mom and a business owner who has a passion for health and wellness. She has enjoyed learning how to live her life fully by taking her health back into her own hands. Life wasn’t always easy for her and in her journey she realized through diet and perspective, she could live a healthy, whole life. As a certified Human Potential Coach, she enjoys working with others to help them achieve the same. 



Robin Morgan

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Life Coach and Marketing Consultant for Wellness Entrepreneurs.  After decades of stomach pain, infertility struggles and constant illness, a diagnosis of Celiac Disease turned into a calling. After healing her own gut, skin and hormones with a strict gluten-free diet, she made it a personal mission to help others navigate a path to wellness with food at the forefront.  Her greatest joy is helping others, especially busy women, take simple steps toward living a better, healthier life - Mind, Body & Business!

Elizabeth Furest

Born with an increased intuitive awareness and a hypersensitivity to energy, Elizabeth is an energy worker, intuitive counselor, reiki master, and tarot reader dedicated to elevating universal consciousness. Elizabeth helps people to live healthy and productive lives by awakening their own intuitive gifts to become all they were created to be. Elizabeth has her own practice in Sausalito, Ca.


Kerri Crowell Chiappone

Safe products expert on a mission to change your life, while changing the world. Diagnosed in her mid 20's with PCOS, Kerri was committed to not let that define her life. Through diet, exercise, and safe product choices, she has won the battle.

Rhetta Rowland

After 20 years of thinking she had to work in corporate America to succeed, she realized her own soul’s purpose: to help others break free from the fear of living life on their own terms. She became a mentor, thought partner, and dream weaver, her truest passion.

She has the rare combination of both pragmatic and intuitive skills: MBA with 20 years in corporate marketing and branding. She is a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer.  Student of a Course in Miracles. She is a thoughtful, passionate and kind human.  



A retired Major League Soccer (MLS) Referee, having officiated at the professional level for over 25 years.  He still trains at a very high level and coach up & coming officials, focusing on their training, nutrition & wellness. Understanding the need for recovery, hydration, nutrition, he works with clients to ensure they are at their optimal to reach their goals.