I started the Detox with Lane a week ago and I’m already sleeping, I love it. The taste of the Liver Clear is a bit to get used too, but so WORTH it.
— Kristen Stewart Los Angeles, CA

I’m not craving sugar anymore! Thank you Lane Kennndy.
— Dawn Kenroy Austin Texas
I just finished the detox and I’m not craving my afternoon chocolate and coffee, this is unbelievable. I also lost 5 pounds, and it was easy. I’m going to do one more round with Jules and Lane to see what happens next! Thank you Ladies.
— Shelly Lynn, Seattle WA

After taking hemp oil for two days, I did not notice any changes. But the third day I woke to a surge of energy and a general feeling of well being. Started using it because of severe arthritis in the neck. I’ve used now for approximately two weeks and my pain meds have been decreased significantly. After 2 weeks, I noticed that my blood pressure had improved and plan to speak with my doctor about reducing my medication.
— Rayma Werle

I’m sleeping all through the night, thank goodness for hemp oil. It’s working for me.
— Seena, New York

I am no longer stressed out and ready to drive off the Brooklyn Bridge!
— Pat, New York